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We’re pleased to announce our Yoga Work Exchange Program at the Portsmouth studio. In exchange for discounted unlimited yoga, you’ll help us out with keeping our studios running smooth and clean. Here’s how it works.

A Work-Exchange Student at 3 Bridges Yoga Portsmouth will:
· Commit 1 scheduled hour a week to the studio.
· In exchange for the 4-5 hours of work a month, the work-exchange student will receive the student unlimited yoga rate of $25/month.
o Students in college and/or graduate school are not eligible for this program at this time
o Work-exchange students will receive discounts on merchandise and intensives in accordance with membership benefits.
· Work-exchange students’ time at studio will be under supervision of the Studio Manager, Head Instructor and/or Owners.
· Upon arrival to studio, work-exchange will be given tasks by the Manager, Head Teacher or Owners (whoever is present at scheduled work time).

Some of the tasks may include:
o Thoroughly cleaning rental mats and organizing props.
o Vacuuming and/or wet mopping.
o Dusting.
o Organizing paperwork.
o Distributing flyers.
o Cleaning the bathrooms and/or kitchen area.
o Set-up or preparation for upcoming events or intensives.

Work-Exchange Selection Process:

Step 1 – Fill out application and submit to Studio Manager.
Step 2 – Come in for an interview with Studio Manager.
Step 3 – Studio Manager, Head Instructor and Owners will select applicant based on the following.

1. History at 3 Bridges Yoga.
2. Schedule availability.
3. Previous volunteer/work experience.
4. Financial need.
5. Interest in learning about the yoga business and becoming more involved in a community.
6. Ability to represent 3 Bridges Yoga well.
7. Good references.

Please contact us with additional questions or comments.

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