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Attention Yoga Teachers – 3 Bridges is constantly in need of new teachers. We offer competitive pay including bonuses, monthly teacher enrichment trainings, stipends to attend area workshops, and more. We’re looking for new or experienced yoga teachers who are willing to learn and be part of a growing and supportive community.

If you are interested in teaching for us, we’ll offer you two weeks of unlimited yoga at any of our studios for free. This way you can practice the flow and see if the space and community is a fit for you. We’ll then conduct an interview, audition and further training. Part of the 3 Bridges mission is to employ yoga teachers so that they can make a full time living teaching the good work. We have opportunities outside of just teaching yoga as well, such as marketing, administrative, creative and more.

When you come to the studio, just tell the teacher “I’m a yoga teacher and interested in teaching for you.” Ask for the two weeks free to check it out. If interested after your two weeks, send a cover letter and resume to [email protected]m. We can also answer any questions you may have. If not interested, no problem as well. We’re happy you came and checked us out.


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