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Fall 2015 Yoga Teacher Training


We are pleased to announced the dates for our next Vinyasa Yoga Teacher training. The training is led by Bjorn and Jody Turnquist, with help from other 3 Bridges Teachers and special guests Jackie Bonwell and Carrier Tyler. We’d love to have you deepen your practice, knowledge and understanding of yoga. You don’t have to be a teacher, but you will learn to teach a class. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

October 23rd – 25th
November 13th – 15th
December 4th – 6th
January 8th – 10th
January 29th – 31st
February 19th – 21st
March 11th – 13th
April 1st – 3rd
April 22nd – 24th

Please note: If there is a weather related cancelation, the make up dates will be March 4th-6th.

For more information about the training, please click here.

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