Growing up a dancer, Jenna Brynn Melgar has always had a passion for movement.  After holding three professional dance contracts, an injury took her life into a different direction.  She moved to Las Vegas, NV, and began working there for several years.  During a highly stressful period, a coworker invited her to a yoga class and she quickly fell in love with the fluid, mindful movements, and how each class relieved more stress.  After a few years of personal practice, she knew that was the direction her life was moving and discovered her calling.  Jenna completed her yoga teacher training at a Yoga Alliance certified school in Las Vegas, NV, and began a full-time career as a yoga instructor.  After about a year, she moved to Washington, DC, where she taught at yoga studios, various government agencies as well as the White House Athletic Center.  She enjoys creating strength and endurance building classes that creatively flow together and come to a close with an ample amount of time for stretching and savasana.  Now that her roots have been planted in New Hampshire, she is thrilled to join the 3 Bridges Yoga community.