Anjali holds her RYT-200 certification from the New School of Yogic Arts in Boston, MA  led by Laura Ahrens. She has taught at non-profit organizations and Down Under School of Yoga before coming to the 3 Bridges community. Anjali found her practice in college when a dear friend brought her to a yoga class during the middle of a hectic term. It was there that she fell in love with yoga and its ability to create a fun & safe environment where she could explore her creativity and fall on her face. She fondly remembers walking away from that first yoga class feeling like she had gotten a much needed brain massage. Since then, Anjali’s yoga practice has simply been her best friend, helping her find her way to the truest most genuine form of herself. Anjali teaches an alignment-centered practice that introduces students to the foundational techniques of breathwork and meditation. Her only wish for her students is that they use their experiences on the mat as a guide for walking the path towards their truest selves.