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Spring IS coming! The shift from cold to warmer weather, while very welcome, can be a shock to the system. Properly prepare your body, mind and spirit for this seasonal transition with a two-hour Vernal Equinox yoga intensive led by Marla. Class is on Sunday March 30th from 4-6pm at the Portsmouth Studio and will include the following:

Pranayama: Deep breathing exercises to flush and cleanse the respiratory system.
Unburden: Unpack physical and emotional heaviness stored in the body through a series of postures designed to open you up physically and assist you
in letting go of anything that no longer serves you.
Root and Rise: Dynamic flow movement through repetition of grounding sequences combined with a flow that links together a series of balance
postures focusing the breath on Muladhara (Root Chakra) and Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) to help you find the solidity beneath your feet as well as the lightness to rise.
Restore: This class will also include backbends, restorative postures and an extended savasana.

Make the most of this spring by intentionally aligning with this planetary, seasonal shift. Your body and mind will thank you! Register at any studio, online here, or over the phone. Cost is $20 3BY Members, $25 Non Members, $30 drop in day of. There are no refunds or exchanges for this class.

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