I unroll the mat and take a seat.
I gaze softly.
I know I breathe in
I know I breathe out.
In this knowing, I am present.

Past and future hold no power,
as breath dances to the forefront of my existence.
In my body, the interplay of strength and ease becomes evident
as I sink my roots and touch the sky.

One breath, one movement.
Here I am home.
I pause and greet stillness
with a desire to get better acquainted.
Muscle hugs bone and sensations arise;
Heat pours in, like a bubbling cauldron beneath my skin.
I watch. Like an outsider looking in
I bear witness to it all.
As much as I am practicing asana, I practice watching.
No reaction. No judgment. No label.

Before long, fatigue forces my breath from center stage
and just like that my foundation is shaken.
My once quiet mind is invaded by a story of defeat
as it scrambles for shelter.
My gaze hardens and ease is swallowed whole by doubt.
In this moment the easy choice is panic;
to surrender to the fictional masterpiece of my ego.
The easy choice requires no practice on my part
and I am here to practice. So

I practice love.

My inner cheerleader makes an appearance
and reminds me of my potential.
I realize I should let her speak more often.

I practice ease.

Consciously, I soften my brow and unclench my jaw.
I wiggle my toes, relaxing their grip on my mat.
I bring a soft smile to my face and remember
that joy alone brings ease.
I practice feeling.
A close analysis of my sensation reveals neutrality.
It is only my thoughts that give them power
and meaning.

I practice rest.

Slowly, I backtrack my trek into the pose.
It only takes me a few steps back to meet up with relief.

I practice patience.

Off my mat, I am one step ahead. Always. But I am not here
to practice what I am already good at. And so I wait.
For what I do not know
But I wait anyway.
In this waiting
I know I breathe in
I know I breathe out. And
in this knowing, I am present.

This is my practice.


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  1. Ilene says:

    Beautiful ♥️

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