Virtual Schedule

Virtual Schedule


We are pleased to offer daily live-stream classes as well as an archived library if you are unable to participate in the live stream, group experience of Zoom. Both platforms are unlimited use for autobill members, and also available for use with your punch card. If you are currently unable to afford yoga, please reach out to me at [email protected] and we will work it out. I do not want anyone to stop practicing, the world needs our yoga practice now more than ever.

The live Zoom Schedule:

*Classes are all-levels, 60 minute vinyasa, both in Portsmouth and on Zoom unless noted



9:30AM 90 minute Stephanie

7:30PM Reiki/Restore with Jill (online ONLY)



7AM Slow Flow Dan

9AM Foundations Jill (online ONLY)

5:30PM Katie B.



7AM Allison (online ONLY)

9AM Jenna (online ONLY)

5:30PM Stephanie



7AM Katie B.

9AM Whitney (online ONLY)

5:30 Dan



7AM Stephanie

9AM Sarah K. (online ONLY)

5:30PM Whitney



7AM Jenna

9AM Jen A. (online ONLY)

5:30PM Sarah K.



8AM Sheila

9:30AM Katie B.

Zoom Information:

  1. Download Zoom at
  2. Click “Join a meeting”
  3. Enter 859-026-4634 (message me at [email protected] for password)
  4. Choose whether or not you want the video on
  5. Mute yourself (after you’ve said hi to your buddies you see in class!)
  6. Enjoy class!

We will also be offering access to the classes after the live stream here.  Please note that the intention of this offering is a pay-per-view, if you can.  These are available unlimited to autobill members, and you can use your punch card as well.  Same as the virtual classes, if finances do not allow you to do so at this time, you may pay what you can or consider it a gift from the studio.  In order to access the classes, follow 3 Bridges Yoga on Vimeo, I will follow you back and then you will have access. Thank you for all your support during this time, and always.