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New April Schedule


We’ve changed our schedule for April, adding some new classes and making some changes to others. Check out our schedule page and we’ve summarized the changes below. Let us know if there are other times or types of classes you would like.

Prenatal class with our newest teacher, Pilar Redmond. Wednesdays at 6:15pm.

Gentle class on Tuesdays 9am. See our class descriptions for more details on these classes.

Noon Class every day during the week.

4:30pm Level II class on Wednesdays.

4:00pm Beginners class on Fridays.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings are now at 7:00am

6:00pm classes now start at 6:15pm.

Monday 9am, Wednesday 7:30am, and Friday 7:30am have been removed from the schedule.


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