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Mantras & Malas: A Sacred Afternoon


Mantras & Malas: A Sacred Afternoon of Mantra, Movement, Mala Making and Meditation

Join Karly Nihal and Shelly Grande as they guide you through creating your very own mala bracelet. Connect and ground through the practices of pranayama, chanting, yoga flow and experience the pure resonance of sound with a sacred Gong bath. You will learn and chant mantras to help raise the vibration through sound current and intention as you make your personalized mala bracelets. You’ll end your practice together with a powerful Kundalini meditation using our mala bracelets to connect to the healing wisdom of your own personal creation.

We will provide tea and all materials, including healing crystal, stone and wood mala beads. We look forward to sharing the magic with you!

The workshop will take place Sunday, December 17 from 1-3:30PM at the Portsmouth Studio.

Cost is $45 and can be purchased here.

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