I first noticed the sound while taking a nice, sunny afternoon stroll with a friend. It is finally that time; spring has arrived. The birds were chirping, the peepers were singing and the wind was running wild through the woods. It made me pause for a moment and smile. I love this time of year.

Marla kicked off a great chakra rebalancing/spring cleanse class last month, and with that the toe nail polish came out, the winter boots got packed away and the t-shirts and flip flops came out of hibernation. FINALLY! While exploring the beaches, Fort Foster and anywhere else my boyfriend and I could walk, I was flooded with such a warm feeling. Being back outside really made me re-appreciate my surroundings. It also made me get back on track with my meditation. Meditation in the outdoors, without the craze of the summer tourists – seriously what could be better! My silent mind turned the volume up in my ears. The waves crashing made me one with my yoga breath. No effort, just ease, in and out. It was a nice reminder that simple is okay.

Later, I noticed the sweet sound of summer, as the peepers sung me to bed. I think I slowly drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face that night. And even better; the York studio has an orchestra right outside the building. Last night, I let my yogi’s rest in savasana to the sound of the peepers, and everyone loved it. Hearing the beautiful natural sounds is definitely a nice change from hearing the TV and my teeth chatter for the past 6 months.

So with this, I hope you get outside, awaken your senses and explore. Sit in silence and listen if you can. Wrap yourself in the natural world. Just listen and breathe.


“April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go.” – Christopher Morley, John Mistletoe

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