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June Schedule Changes


New Classes
Mondays 4:30pm with John, Every Body, 60 minutes
Wednesdays 4:30pm with Joanna, Every Body, 60 minutes
Fridays 4:00pm with Gretchen, Every Body, 60 minutes
Sundays, 8:00am with Gretchen, Every Body, 60 minutes

Teacher Changes
Monday 9:00am is with Lauren
Wednesday 7:00am is with Erin
Thursday 9:00am is with Erin
Friday 12:00pm is with Lauren
Saturday 9:30am is with Lauren

Canceled Class
Saturday 11:00am Beginner is canceled for the month of June

Free Bridges
Tuesdays 4:30pm with Jena
Friday June 1st only, 4:00pm with Gretchen

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