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Firing up the Core Intensive


Saturday, April 28th 4-6pm with Allison
$15 Members, $20 Non-Members
$25 Day of
Prepay online or at the Studio

The key to a strong yoga practice is integrating the core throughout each pose. Ideally, the core should be active in every single asana (pose) through the use of Uddiyana Bandha (the belly lock). However, this takes time and a lot of effort to develop –and can be quite elusive! When we engage the belly lock, the core is integrated into our entire practice, the lower back is strong and protected while the pose emanates from the center of the body out the limbs. Using the belly as a “powerful center” can pave the way to success with arm balances like crow and inversions like handstand. This 2-hour intensive will include

1. Learning to integrate the core in every asana using uddiyana bandha.
2. Use various breathing techniques to awaken the belly and stimulate the internal organs.
3. Creative core work—no gym sit-ups!—to fire up the abdomen.
4. Acquire tools to draw from the body’s center for success in inversions and many arm balances.
5. Sequences to strengthen the other side of the core: the back of the body.
6. Lots of wonderful counterposing to stretch out the front of the body.
7. Extended savasana.
8. Fun, sweat, soul & rest!

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