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Durham Free Class Schedule


Before we officially open our new Durham studio, we’d like you to come and enjoy some free classes in this beautiful space. Here’s the schedule

Monday July 30th – 5pm
Tuesday July 31st – Noon
Wednesday August 1st – 6:30pm
Thursday August 2nd – 9:30am
Friday August 3rd – 5pm
Saturday August 4th – 10am

All classes will be 60 minutes and are open to all levels of practice, even if you have never done yoga.

See you there!

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4 Responses

  1. Lynn Aber says:

    Thank you for the free class. Jody was great and the space was lovely.
    To continue, my ideal class time would be 9:30 ish. Tues, Wed, Th are best. Also, should we buy mats or continue to borrow?
    Again, thx. Lynn

  2. Anne says:

    The staff and teachers at ORHS and Middle School would probably like a 3 pm class!!!

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