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Craft Your Sadhana


Join Lauren Lee for the second round of Craft Your Sadhana, which is a progressive series designed to help you build a sustainable home practice using Ayurvedic philosophy and a therapeutic approach. This series aims to empower, awaken and inspire students to learn proper alignment for their body type through asana (poses), sequence according to the seasons and their innate constitution (Dosha) and support their subtle energetic body and restore the nervous system through pranayama (breathing techniques) and various meditation practices.

Our daily self-practice Sadhana is a tool that brings us directly into the heart, the place where we experience connection, love, and wisdom through intention and consistency. When we step into the practices on our own, we refine our journey with our inner teacher and invoke commitment, trust and intuition. The practices provide the gateway for transformation through greater balance, clarity and freedom in the body and mind. A personalised home practice enhance your yoga practice and offers an invaluable set of tools to maintain sustainability, inspiration and flow, on and off the mat.‍‍‍

Sessions include Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Lecture, as well as Journaling and Contemplation exercises.

The course begins September 27 and runs for 5 weeks on Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8:30 at the York studio, final class is October 25.

Cost is $150 for the entire program and can be purchased here.

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