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Okay, so we’ve all heard it, said it and felt it but IT IS COLD! I was reflecting about growing up in York Maine as a kid and the snow piles being huge walls along the driveway (was that because I’m so tiny?) but I never remember the car reading -10! With the vortex of blistering, bitter air among much of the country, it’s nice to know that we as coastal New Englanders are not alone. But when the temperature reads single digits or negative, my couch just calls my name.

Finally being able to bounce back from my back injury, I’ve been so eager to get back on the yoga mat, but the cold makes me feel fragile and stiff. Thanks to this freezing air, I’ve found myself making excuses to stay in, be comfy and cozy on my couch looking back at past summer pics. If I am home, I can guarantee you that I’m curled up in a ball, making my shoulders, chest and hips all tight and stiff. I finally pushed myself off of the couch and onto my mat to undo the “stiffness.” HALLELUJAH!

To be able to move and build heat has been great! I feel better, even though I am sore after every yoga class, the stiffness feeling is melting away and I have more energy. (Like we didn’t already know yoga granted us all of this) I’ve also noticed that the heat created in class stays with me for a while after class ends too, making the drive back home not that bad. I’ll never forget my teacher in training saying “motion is lotion” and it is so true!

The importance of stretching and moving the body is critical for feeling good. If for some reason you can’t get onto your mat at the studio, practice at home or in your office! A couple of sun salutes to warm up, knee down lunges to unleash those tight hip flexors, a couple of back bends to open the heart, some hands interlaced action,…. The list goes on, but just doing something, even just ten sun salutes dancing with the breath makes a HUGE difference in how you feel! *Remember to listen to your body when stretching and moving.

The moral of the story, if your sweat pants, blankets, couch and warm cookies sound good to you, just know you will feel ten times better getting up and out, braving this bone chilling weather. Build some heat and feel good with yoga. We’re New Englanders, we’re not going to let sub-polar temperatures hold us back.


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