Class Descriptions

3 Bridges Yoga offers classes for all levels of practice. We are a drop in studio so you don’t have to preregister for regular classes. Brand new or out of practice students are encouraged to take a beginners class to acquaint themselves with the principles of yoga. 3 Bridges Yoga is recommended for those 18 years of age and older. Classes indicated on the schedule with a * are open to teens ages 14-17 accompanied by an adult. The room temperature is warmed to 75-80 degrees.


This class will focus on basic postures, alignment and breath and will break down the yoga flow and poses. It will allow students to develop their practice at a comfortable pace while still reaping all the benefits of yoga. This class is also great for more experienced students looking to reconnect to a beginners mind or learn 3 Bridges Yoga principles. Recommended for first timers to 3 Bridges, those learning the practice or those seeking to work on foundations of the practice.

Every Body

Open to all levels of practice, but is geared more towards the intermediate yoga level. There will be more variations on postures and class flow and students will be encouraged to deepen their practice. Newer students will be able to modify to their comfort level. Recommended after taking at least 3 beginners classes.

Level II

This class will explore advanced postures like arm balances, inversions and standing balances but will still focus on all the primary principles of 3 Bridges Yoga. This class is not suitable for beginners and students should be practicing for several months at 3 Bridges before attending a Level II class.


This class uses deep relaxation, breath, and meditation to maintain, or renew any depletion of the body’s energy. Restorative yoga is a way to practice cultivating ease and relaxation and consists of passive poses supported by yoga props (blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps). It is a gentle class focused on eliminating unnecessary muscular strain while simultaneously releasing tension within the many layers of the body. This class is not recommended for those brand new to yoga.


Donation-based, all-levels vinyasa classes taught by a rotation of both new and experienced teachers. At the end of each month 3 Bridges will match the amount raised and give to a charity and/or non-profit organization. Suggested donation $10. Come support our teachers as well as those organizations in our community who generously serve.


All-levels, 75 minute classes that are kriya based, pairing mudra, pranayama (breath work), mantra, and movement. Kundalini Yoga is defined as the yoga of spiritual awareness. This practice is one of purification for the body, clarity for the mind, and strength for the spirit.

Intensive or Workshop

Usually 2 hours long, this class will focus on a certain pose, yoga principle, theme, or style, with possible lecture or discussion. Requires upfront registration and are separate from class cards and monthly unlimited packages. There are no refunds for intensive or workshop classes. Intensive classes are indicated on the schedule with a $$$.

Private Instruction

Private classes for you, your family, friends, or special events are available. We can tailor the class for your needs, including working on specific postures, body parts, alignment and breath. Please contact us for more information.