Bend so you don’t break


Spring has officially sprung; the peepers are singing, the birds are chirping and the snow is GONE! There is no better time for a fresh beginning! Time to spring clean, not only your clothes and house, but your soul, your goals, your intentions and your LIFE! Mother Nature is shifting, why shouldn’t you?

On Sunday, May 3 I will be hosting my second Advanced Your Asana class in the Portsmouth studio, with a focus on back bending. Like the rest of the classes in this series, this class is not just for those bendy ones out there, but it is a safe setting for you to try something new and advance your physical practice! Clean out those thoughts that tell you that you cannot do that pose or you will never get there. May 3rd is an opportunity for you to try something new, laugh, ask questions, get hands on help, make mistakes and surround yourself with great people.

Why back bending?
*One of the most notable benefits of backbends is relief of anxiety and stress. Approach each backbend with a can-do attitude and tell yourself you will stay in the pose and breathe.
*Bring your spine back to its natural flexion. We bend forward all day long, sitting, driving, picking things up. Our spines are meant to be flexible and have a complete range of motion. Flexibility can help relieve chronic back or neck pain, insomnia and restlessness.
*By opening up your chest you will increase the amount of oxygen in your lungs and slow down your breathing which can slow your heart rate, calm you and provide more energy to the body.
*By releasing and countering some of the tension on the backs of our spines, we can open up the front of our bodies to new experiences and opportunities. Increasing flexibility in the body mirrors itself in our minds. Gain new perspective, bravery, strength and trust!
*Accomplishing something that you once thought was impossible will teach you that our limits are simply barriers we put upon ourselves.
*Stretch your abdominal muscles and internal organs. While back bending, you compress your kidneys, allowing a flush of fresh blood and oxygen after you exit the pose.

This class will spend appropriate time warming up and then work stretching the hip flexors, chest, core and quads. Then the fun starts. There will be wall time as well as time for you to choose your own adventure. The only thing you need for this class is a smile, sense of adventure and an open mind and heart.

So whether you are working on wheel pose, or you are ready for fall backs (from mountain pose, lift arms up and overhead and lean back into wheel pose) or tick tocks (from down dog, kick over into wheel then kick back into down dog) I hope you will join me for an awesome class of yoga.


Class is Sunday May 3rd, 4-5:30pm, at the Portsmouth studio. Cost is $15 members, $20 non members, $25 day of.. Buy Now or register at any studio or over the phone. There are no refunds or exchanges for this class.

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