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April Schedule Changes


Here you go, Welcome back Allison and Welcome Stephanie!

Tuesday 7am is now with Jessica
Thursday 7am is now with Allison (Starting April 16th)
Friday 5:30 is now with Allison (Starting April 17th)

New Classes
Monday, Noon, Stephanie, Every Body, 50 minutes
Wednesday, 7am, Joanna, Every Body, 60 minutes (Starting April 8th)
Friday 7am, Stephanie, Every Body, 60 minutes

Teacher Changes
Tuesday 9:30am is now with Jessica
Tuesday Noon is now with Jessica
Wednesday 5:30pm is now with Carissa
Wednesday 7:00pm is now with Carissa

No Changes!

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2 Responses

  1. Tina DiPietrantonio says:

    I would like to start back with classes at 3 Bridges. Do you have classes every day at York or just Monday, Wednesday, Friday? I am interested in attending a class this Thursday with my daughter who is visiting from out of state. She has been practicing yoga for several years so I thought an every body class would be perfect for both of us.

    How much is the fee for a drop in class?

    • 3BY says:

      Hi Tina

      Thanks for your interest in 3 Bridges. We offer classes every day. Our full schedule is posted online under the York tab. Our drop in fee is $15 for one class. We also offer $20 for 15 days unlimited for new local students to the studio. Let us know of any other questions.

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