Class Instructors

Bjorn & Jody Turnquist

3 Bridges Yoga, founded by Jody and Bjorn Turnquist, is dedicated to serving our community by making yoga accessible and successful for all. Jody has completed her 200 hour RYT certification through O2 Yoga. She also completed Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby training with Jyothi Larson. Bjorn completed his 200 hour RYT certification with Rolf Gates and his 500 hour with Rolf and Jacqui Bonwell. Bjorn also trained in dynamic language and themes with Danny Arguetty and is influenced by David Vendetti and Johnny Gillespie.

Michelle Blanchette

Michelle was introduced to Bikram Yoga in Los Angeles in 2001 and has never looked back. After finishing her Master’s in Public Art Studies, she moved from LA back home to New Hampshire, to co-open a scrapbooking store, during which her yoga practice intensified. She soon realized that the yoga made her better at everything she did, from swimming, biking and kayaking, to being a better co-owner, mentor, family member and friend. Michelle received her 200 RYT from the Kripalu School of Yoga fulfilling the next step in her journey. Michelle is also a Residence Hall Director at the University of New Hampshire and loves to bring yoga & mindfulness to college students, co-workers & friends.

Katie Buzuvis

Katie has been a part of the Seacoast fitness and yoga community since 2000. After being brought to a yoga class by her friend, Katie knew she’d found a great way to strengthen her body, stay injury-free and find balance in her busy life. Katie is an avid runner and swimmer and a licensed massage therapist. Trained by Mimi Loureiro of O2 Yoga, her favorite part of teaching is seeing students progress in their own practices. Katie lives in New Hampshire with her husband, John and their daughter, Scarlett.

Keith Calderone

Keith began his yoga practice at a local fitness center, after many years of being encouraged by his wife to try yoga. He quickly realized the physical benefits of yoga of increased strength and flexibility. Soon afterwards he found that yoga was more than just physical exercise. He found yoga broadens the mind and the heart. Many yoga teachers have generously supported and encouraged him along the way and he teaches to encourage others in the same way. Keith and his wife live in Dover and they have 2 married children, and 2 grandchildren. He received his 200 hour RYT certification at Yoga on York.

Susan Chadbourne

Susan discovered yoga 13 years ago and quickly learned that there was far more to the practice than she ever imagined. In addition to the obvious benefits of strength, flexibility and balance, her yoga practice broadened her heart, mind and spirit. When she and her husband retired to Maine three years ago, she took her practice to the next level so that she could help others. Susan did her 200 hour training at 3 Bridges Yoga in 2016. Outside of the yoga studio Susan enjoys all the aspects of living in a log cabin on a lake in Maine. She also loves playing the piano, walking her two black labs, skiing, traveling and the Patriots!

Marla Cinilia

Marla Cinilia began her yoga practice in New York City’s Hells Kitchen neighborhood at Sonic Yoga in 2006. She went on to do her 200 hour RYT certification with the wonderful yogis at Sonic, and was invited to stay afterward for an apprenticeship at the studio. She has been teaching yoga in schools, privately, and in studios ever since. Her personal practice is inspired by her mentors from all styles of yoga including vinyasa flow and Bikram. A recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire’s MFA fiction program, her teaching style is inspired by contemporary and spiritual literature, the flow of the four seasons, and the natural beauty of the New England seacoast.

Mike Cinilia

Mike was first introduced to yoga by his beautiful wife, Marla. He found his practice of yoga & community at 3 Bridges. His undergraduate studies were in philosophy, and he went on to study medicine in NYC, becoming a PA. He now works in Cardiac Surgery at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. He has done additional studies in integrative medicine, holistic health, spirituality, and is a certified Reiki practitioner. He has personally found health, wellness, and healing in the practice of yoga; he has particular interest in sharing yoga’s ability to build vitality, prevent disease, and transform life. Mike completed his 200 hour RYT with 3 Bridges Yoga in the Spring of 2016.

Allison Dudas

Allison started practicing yoga at Yoga Tree while living in San Francisco. Initially, she practiced as a complement to running but yoga quickly took hold of her and became her favorite way to center herself, de-stress and exercise. Ally completed her 200 hours RYT certification at O2 Yoga in Boston. She graduated from Boston College in 2004 with a degree in Theology and Philosophy and later went back to BC to earn her M.A. in Pastoral Ministry. Her background is in teaching high school students and now she is thrilled to apply her teaching experience to yoga. She has an addiction to handstands, green tea and social media and she loves how yoga has made its way off her mat and into the rest of her world.

Stephanie Ferranto

Stephanie was introduced to yoga in 2006 and immediately felt at home on the mat. After moving to Maine in the summer of 2014 with her fiancé, she decided to complete her 200 RYT certification at San Francisco’s Yoga Tree in January of 2015. She is excited to share this wonderful practice with the community.

Niki Floros

Niki first explored yoga as a transition from competitive figure skating during her college years. Ever since then yoga has been a special and consistent presence in her life. She spent eight months as a seva volunteer at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, where she deepened her personal practice with classes and workshops led by a diverse lineup of experienced, accomplished, and renowned yogis. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with YogaWorks, and then travelled to India in early 2013 where she completed her 500 hour certification through Sacred Lasya. Niki is also trained in restorative yoga.

Sharon Gordon

Sharon began her yoga journey at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine. Her yoga practice took her through various yoga styles, including Bikram and Ashtanga. For many years her practice was primarily for strengthening and flexibility. It wasn’t after her two children were born did she realize all the tremendous benefits yoga can provide. Off the mat she loves to hike spend time on the seashore and in the mountains and explore the outdoors with her children. Sharon also holds an Associate’s degree in Physical Therapy Assisting and received her 200 RYT certification from 3 Bridges Yoga in 2015.

Hayley Hitchmoth

Hayley began her yoga practice in 2001 as a way to manage a back injury. After immediately reaping its physical benefits, she gradually began to realize yoga’s spiritual qualities. Yoga has since been a strong and constant presence in her life. She recently ended a 15 year career in the corporate world and decided to follow her heart and share yoga with others through teaching and spend more time with her two daughters. Hayley completed her 200 RYT with 3 Bridges Yoga in 2015. She is thrilled to be teaching at her “home” studio and be a member of its vibrant community.

Gretchen Lamothe

Gretchen began her yoga practice at Yoga to the People while living in New York City studying theatre. She was drawn to yoga for the physical benefits but it soon became her time to breathe and balance out the stressful atmosphere of the city. She graduated with a degree in Theatre and decided to move back to the northeast to pursue yoga. She received her 200 hour RYT certification at Yoga on York. Yoga makes her feel good, she loves sharing that with others, believing the world needs more people who feel good.

Nancy Wheaton Modern

Nancy began her yoga practice at Yoga East, an Ashtanga yoga shala. Using the breath and committing to the practice led to a steady meditation practice. She completed her 200 hour RYT at Yoga East with Kimberly Dahlmann and most recently another 200 hours with 3 Bridges in June 2015. She is also trained in Yin Yoga and is deeply grateful to her first teacher, Karen Rafferty, for her encouragement and example. Nancy graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, holds an MA from the University of New Hampshire in Spanish Literature and teaches at Portsmouth High School.

Jacquie White

Jacquie found her yoga practice at 3 Bridges Yoga after moving back home to York Beach, ME. She came to her first class hoping she might find some relief from stress and anxiety, and left feeling grounded, present, and grateful. She quickly realized that it was going to be something she had to share with others. She completed her 200 RYT with 3 Bridges Yoga in June 2015.