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For the past 6 years, it’s been an honor to be part of the Seacoast community with the healing practice of yoga. We feel very fortunate to have grown a business from a seed, to watch people practice yoga with strength and grace, to earn a living teaching yoga and to have experienced this journey with you – a vibrant and flourishing yoga community. We thank you with the deepest bow for this life experience.

We are pleased to announce the sale of 3 Bridges Yoga to long time teachers Marla Cinilia and Stephanie Ferranto. Both Marla and Stephanie are excellent teachers and yogis who will be the right future for 3 Bridges. This change will take place on June 1st.

Unfortunately, as part of this transition, we will be permanently closing the Durham studio on May 20th. All class cards, memberships, and gift certificates will still be valid and honored at the Portsmouth and York studios. We sincerely thank the Durham community for the great many years of yoga in that space. We will miss the unique blend of local townspeople and college student energy.

Change can bring a variety of emotions, but please know that 3 Bridges is in good hands and this transition ensures the future of accessible, successful and high quality yoga for years to come. Marla and Stephanie will also be bringing their own vision to the business which will include teacher, class and other studio changes. We feel these changes will be positive for you and it is our personal intention to remain as teachers and students at 3 Bridges.

While the closing of Durham is a loss, this is still a successful and congratulatory time for the 3 Bridges community and should be celebrated. We extend our feelings of gratitude and love to all those who have been a part of this journey including all of our current and former yoga teachers and all of you who trusted us with the practice of yoga.

Namaste and congratulations to Marla, Stephanie and you and your practice of yoga.


Bjorn and Jody Turnquist

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